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4x4 Buggies


Get your adrenaline pumping on this adventure-packed excursion and ride through the back trails in your very own side-by-side, a 4x4 machine with automatic transmission.


This trip will take you to paths and spots that you would never imagine, making this experience an exciting one for everyone! All skill levels are welcome, and no prior buggy riding

experience is necessary.

These tours offer something for everyone, breathtaking views, wildlife, unspoiled nature, rugged terrain and local culture. Spend the day plunging through rivers, cutting through mountain trails and across rugged terrain on one of the most adventurous tours around.

Beach Hopping (ATV)



Take a scenic, one-hour drive an air conditioned van towards Brasilito Beach, hop on a quad ane get ready to ride through the beach of Conchal known for its white sand and beautiful shells. You'll have a blast visiting a total of 5 different beaches, including some pristine and secluded ones. We will ride at the beach and through mountain trails and hills. Enjoy some seriously breathtaking ocean views!


Mountain Hills (ATV)


Take a 30-minute scenic drive and marvel at Costa Rica's terrain, basking in the serenity of the luxurious and lush vegetation of the forest. Then hop on a quad and take in the wildlife as you cruise along: tropical birds, howler monkeys yelling in the trees, and iguanas crossing your's a great way to take in the kind of beauty that Costa Rica's famous for. 

We offer private excursions, too - just ask and ye shall receive!
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